The data and direction you need to truly help your employees.

inpowr identifies the areas where your employees most need help and directs them to your resources to improve your health and wellness program.

A solution to optimize your employee assistance programs

inpowr marks a new starting point for your employees’ health and well-being journey, with a unique solution that can easily be integrated into your existing programs to maximize effectiveness and ROI. Our team will customize the use of your EAPs, your group insurance, your mental health programs and any other employee support resources you offer.

The value lies in our digital tools that continuously identify the personal and professional concerns that affect the overall well-being of your employees, wherever they are. They are then referred to the right help resources in your programs, at the right time, for their health and wellness needs.

Our professionals also support management and managers throughout the deployment of inpowr, whether to develop your various organizational surveys, analyze and interpret your inpowr data or take advantage of our health and wellness consulting services.

The inpowr approach thus makes it possible to observe the aspects of life most at risk among your employees and to better target interventions in order to measure their impact on the organization throughout the year. Take preventive action and fight presenteeism before it’s too late.

We optimize your benefit programs


inpowr can integrate with existing programs to maximize their use and understand the customer’s reality. Group insurance – EAP – mental health assistance and other employee support resources


inpowr gives your employees the tools they need to measure their state of well-being, be guided in exploring solutions and be directed to the right resources.


inpowr can identify the most at-risk aspects of your employees’ personal situations to better target support efforts and accurately measure their impact on your organization.

An application offering your employees all the necessary tools to take charge of their well-being

Continuous evidence-based and accurate performance indicators for your organization 

Give them access to the first self-coaching application designed to reconnect you with your mind, body and spirit, and to achieve a better balance, both in personal and professional life.

The application allows your employees: 

to measure their state of well-being;

to be guided in the exploration of solutions;

to be referred to the right resources for help and support; and

to evaluate the impact of their actions on their day-to-day well-being.

inpowr gives you access to daily data and insights to help drive your business decisions. You can gain critical insight into those areas of life that are most at risk among your employees so you can intervene in relevant and effective ways.

The inpowr platform enables your organization:

To obtain a continuous picture of the well-being of your employees;

To identify the concerns that affect them on 30 aspects of life;

To offer more personalized assistance and support services; and

To obtain a clearer view and insight into how managing change impacts your people.

Certification program mental health leader

Pair your inpowr solution with Relief’s mental health leader certification program.

A complete solution for medium and large businesses that identifies the daily personal and professional issues of employees while creating a healthy, balanced and safe mental health environment.

Get the right health and wellness indicators with inpowr and optimize your mental health program with Relief.

Fight presenteeism

Promote healthy co-responsible management of presenteeism through the inpowr application and its collaborative platform

Manage organizational change differently

Manage employee worries and concerns with regard to change in the workplace with inpowr’s real-time well-being

Open dialogue

Listen to the concerns of your employees whether they are at the office or teleworking.

Build your Employer Brand

Build a solid Employer Brand and improve recruitment and retention by adopting a proactive and innovative solution focused on global well-being.

A continuous scientific process

The development of our tools is firmly rooted in the advancement of science. The measurement of well-being, as we have conceived it, is based on a scientific process that began several years ago and we always prioritize collaboration with different researchers and universities for the advancement and validation of our solutions..

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