Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What constitutes a person’s well-being?

Simply put, a person’s well-being is about feeling emotionally balanced in all facets of life—on a physical, mental, and social level as well. It essentially means being in harmony with oneself and with others.

When a disruption occurs, it can affect several aspects of our life and our well-being as well. We must then find a way to restore our emotional balance.

Q. What is self-coaching?

Every person has the potential to improve and maintain his well being. In order to do this, a person may, of course, be assisted by competent professionals as well. He can also consciously and autonomously take a look inward and examine his circumstances, in order to determine what is working or not working so well, and thus learn from his experiences. That is what self-coaching is about. Actually, it’s taking charge of your life for example and using, as needed, such tools as the inpowr app. 

Q. What can we do with the inpowr app?

Within just a few minutes, the inpowr app will actually enable you to:

– assess your degree of well-being in all facets of your life;

– identify the areas that negatively affect your well-being;

– choose specific actions that help you enhance your well-being.

Q. How does the app work?

The inpowr app is pleasant, easy to use, and fast. The following three steps can be done in less than 5 minutes:

1) Self-evaluation of your well-being by analyzing 30 aspects of your life;
2) Choice of specific actions that will improve your well-being;
– You may select specific actions from the list proposed by the inpowr app;
– You may also choose your own specific actions and note them in the app;
3) Choice as to the frequency of reminders that you will receive from your mobile device to support you in your endeavour.

You are now ready to take action!

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Q. What is the scientific basis of the application software?

A profound desire to make a difference in the lives of people—essentially this is what unites all people who contribute to the development of the inpowr app, whether they are a coach, psychologist, mental health researcher, or a specialist in organizational development, artificial intelligence developer, or even… a master Olympic coach!

Based on a scientific process and numerous research data, the inpowr app is the end result of several years of work by this team of enthusiastic and competent professionals. For example, the inpowr well-being measurement tool was scientifically validated in 2020 by Dr. Estelle Morin from HEC Montréal and her M.Sc. student, Mr. Frédéric Boucher. And in order to enhance the process, the inpowr team can also rely on several partnerships with trustworthy organizations such as the Université Laval, Relief, and the Groupe Entreprises en santé (The Healthy Enterprises Group).

It is indeed thanks to the hard work and talent of all these people that the inpowr app is both a scientifically credible tool and easy to use.

Q. Who is the target audience of the inpowr app? Is it for me?

The inpowr app is intended for all persons trying to maintain their well-being on a daily basis, by engaging in simple and effective steps that suit their needs.

The inpowr app does not, however, replace professional help that may be required in certain cases. Furthermore, if you are currently experiencing personal difficulties, we encourage you to ask for help, whether it involves a medical or a psychological issue. And unless otherwise specified by a therapist, you may continue to use the inpowr app to improve your well-being.

Q. How does the inpowr app compare to other apps that pertain to well-being?

What distinguishes the inpowr app is that it touches on all components of a person’s well-being, while other apps may focus on one single component, such as meditation for example.

Inpowr enables you to have an overall view, allowing you to recognize the areas of your life that negatively affect your well-being. Inpowr also helps you to identify solutions that will restore a healthy balance in your life—not only on a physical level, but on mental and social aspects as well.

Q. How long will it take to see actual results?

Scientific research has shown that achieving a sense of well-being is a skill that can be developed. It’s comparable to sports training—you can either go at it slowly or forge ahead with intensity. The important thing is to leap into action, but at your own pace, and according to your needs. You will learn by taking action and the results will surely be there.

To help you develop your own rhythm and maintain the pace, we recommend that you re-evaluate your well-being and your action plan on a regular basis—once every 7 or 14 days, for example.

Q. How can the app help me stay committed to action?

For each action chosen, you can program reminders at the desired frequency. These reminders will appear on your mobile device at the time selected. This is a way to get off to a good start—no matter if you’re on the bus, at home or at the office.

Re-evaluating your well-being and your action plan at regular intervals will help you to stay active. A mere 5-minutes well invested will enable you to evaluate your results, and determine the effectiveness of your actions and adjust them, as needed.

Q. Who makes up the community as displayed in the inpowr app?

The community is made up of app users worldwide. We then compile the results of the group for each dimension and provide you with access to this information. It will then serve as a benchmark to either encourage you or help you to reflect on your progress.

Q. On which media is the app available?

The app is available at Apple Store and Google Play.

Has your employer given you access to inpowr?

Check out the answers to the following questions.

Q. Why does my employer offer me the inpowr app? What are the advantages for him?

If your employer decided to offer you the inpowr app, it’s because he cares about your well-being.

The pandemic has heightened awareness of the global well-being of employees. Everyone wins in this situation—employers as well as employees!

Organizations that treat their employees well and provide a good working experience actually encourage employee engagement and loyalty. These are particularly important assets in the current context of labour shortage.

Furthermore, when employers learn more about the needs of their employees, they are in a better position to offer them quality services adapted to current realities.

Q. Does my employer have access to my personal information? Will he know that I use this app?

Your personal information is confidential. Your employer will not have access.

Your employer will receive a monthly scorecard that contains global and depersonalized information. The employer is then made aware of the number of employees who have used the app during the month and can monitor any variations for the well-being of the group. He also has an overview of the actions chosen by the various users.

You also have access to this information at the following address:
You simply log in to your account. In addition to viewing the information that is accessible to your employer, you can also compare your results to that of all your colleagues.

Q. How can my employer help me to improve my well-being?

The general well-being of employees goes beyond their work day. And even if the work environment is not always part of the problem, it can be a part of the solution.

When offering you the inpowr app, your employer is trying to help you personally by enhancing your well-being. The app actually provides support toward acquiring healthy living habits—both inside and outside the work environment.

But, there is even more. Having an overview of the level of well-being and difficulties faced by employees, your employer can initiate action to help the group, whether it’s through programs adapted to the real needs of its personnel or simply by improving their management practices. And to a non-negligible degree, the attention of the employer with respect to the well-being of their employees will foster a caring work culture in your organization.

Q. How can the employer be sure that employees are using the app responsibly and that resulting information is reliable?

The primary objective of the inpowr app is to help people restore or maintain their sense of well-being. In fact, by using the app honestly we are truly doing ourselves a favour. Furthermore, experience has demonstrated that the greater majority of people who use the inpowr app are serious about the process.

At a corporate level, a monthly scorecard gathers the data from all the users in a global and depersonalized manner. Moreover, in order to base its decisions on a solid foundation, the employer then analyzes certain tendencies over a period of a few months, in order to ensure a better understanding of the situation among employees. As a result, a few people will not influence the global monthly average, much less the tendencies over a period of several months. In this way, the information provided represents a high level of reliability.

Does  your company want to offer inpowr to its employees?

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