Help your employees maintain a healthy life balance

Within just a few minutes, the inpowr app will actually enable your employees to identify the areas that negatively affect their well-being and referred to the optimal resources available at just the right time, helping them along their healthcare journey.

Refer your employees to the right resources in their healthcare journey

Well-being measurement

Development of a personal action plan

Access to organization help resources

Aggregation of anonymised data to guide organizational decisions


inpowr is inspired by the principles and practices of an Olympic Master Coach

“The basis for well-being comes from a balance of several crucial areas in life. When one or more areas falls short, the imbalance sets off an effect that throws off the entire equilibrium.

By measuring one’s well-being through an approach that integrates physical, mental and social dimensions, a person can spot problems. Decisions on what to work on can be made, and small steps taken to restore balance and a sense of well-being.

Well-being is based on the ability to cope with and adapt to challenging life events.”

– Serge Jeudy

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inpowr app is the end result of several years of work by this team of enthusiastic and competent professionals that will help your employees feel emotionally balanced in all facets of life—on a physical, mental, and social level.

A continuous scientific process​

The development of our tools is firmly rooted in the advancement of science. The measurement of well-being, as we have conceived it, is based on a scientific process that began several years ago and we always prioritize collaboration with different researchers and universities for the advancement and validation of our solutions.

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