Relief for Business

inpowr and Relief are joining forces to offer you a unique solution in Canada for organizational health and wellness.

The Relief for Business certification program is made up of various interventions (presentation, webinar, training, etc.), personalized coaching and tools tailored to executives, managers and employees.

What is the Relief for Business certification program?

This certification positions you as a mental health leader, by providing you with tools at all levels of your business or organization and by giving you access to the personalized support provided by Relief.

Attend a presentation for senior management by a well-known business personality on their personal mental health journey;

Access a one-day training course for managers to help them better identify and address mental health issues;

Access one-on-one coaching for managers to guide them through specific situations;

Equip managers and employees with a toolbox tailored to their needs;

Attend an employee webinar that will help demystify and destigmatize mental health, anxiety, depression and bipolarity;

Access Relief’s support services (call, email, chat or meet with a counselor) and support groups.

Advantages of the Certification program

Position yourself as a mental health leader with your employees, partners and clients;

Train and equip your managers to better identify and address mental health issues on their teams;

Give your employees the tools they need to take responsibility for and become active participants in their own well-being;

Receive personalized support and services from the Relief team;

Create a culture of wellness at all levels of your business or organization;

Advertise your certification with a digital badge that you can add to your various platforms;

Strengthen your employer brand to help you recruit and retain talent;

Get younger employees on board, for whom mental health is very important and less taboo than the older generations;

Build teams that will be more efficient in the long run.