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inpowr puts innovation first and collaborates with experienced partners to accelerate its international development.

Our role is to bring inpowr to the world and specifically as an ambassador to Asia. Akuntsu is an international project facilitator of choice for mid-size creative companies and organizations seeking for a fast-tracking way to win business opportunities between two markets: Asia and the Western world.

The international opportunity landscape is not merely based on its economic value, but also the intercultural relationships leading both parties to a new realm of creativity.

Through our business development desk, we bring a relationship approach that enables a context where our clients can vet and build their path to uncharted opportunities internationally. We make international your neighbour. We focus on the industries of sport, entertainment and lifestyle.

R&D Capital, a Canadian financial institution specializing in the financing of refundable tax credits at the federal and provincial levels, supports the research and development of inpowr.

Financing products are adapted to the field of activity whatever the stage of development. Their services provide access to funding for refundable tax credits in research and development (SR & ED), multimedia, electronic business (CDAE) and cinema.

Through the sound management of tax credits and with an impressive track record in terms of “win-win” partnerships, R&D Capital aims to enable every client to obtain financing before their formal application for reimbursement.